The Beginner's Guide to Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Welcome to The New Oil. This site is designed to help readers take back control of their data and regain their privacy online. Are you a programmer, sysadmin, networking expert, or hacker? If you answered "no," you're in the right place! This site is not aimed at tech experts. If you know how to download an app on your phone, how to sign up for an email account, or what a password is, you've got the qualifications to tackle the advice and content on this site. Whether you're looking to keep yourself safe from identity theft and most malicious hackers, whether you object to the surveillance panopticon, or anything in between, this site will help you learn the basics about protecting your identity, your safety, and your data.

Getting Started

New here? Not sure why privacy matters, how to build a threat model, or the difference between security and privacy? Start here!

Most Important

Are you ready to patch up the most important holes in your security? Looking for the easiest steps to take with the maximum impact? Read this section!

Moderately Important

Already got the basics covered but ready to take your privacy and security to the next step? Read this section!

Less Important

Ready for more advanced topics? Ready to start working on those last few tiny leaks you have left in your digital life? This section is for you!

QuickStart Guides

The following is a link to some of our pages that are frequently shared in response to popular questions.

Mobile Devices

Got a new stock Android or iPhone and looking to get as much privacy and security out of it as possible? Start here.

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Unable to switch to Linux yet, but still want to protect your Mac or PC as much as possible? This guide is for you!

Home Network

If you just got a new router, are thinking about getting a new router, or simply want to know the best way to protect your home network from threats, this guide a must-read starting point.

Content Creators

If you want to be an influencer, streamer, or other type of content creator, this guide will help protect you from doxxers, stalkers, and data leaks.


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